GMOF executive committee meets Hon.Minister Mrs.P.Wanniarachchi

GMOF met Hon. Minister of Health Mrs.P.Wanniarachchi on 25.11.2020 at the Health Ministry auditorium.

The agenda
1). Introduction .
2. Vision, mission and Principles of the GMOF
3.By force annual transfers of medical officers
4. Quarters issue of medical officers .
5. Transport issues
6 salary related anomalies .
7. Revision of medical Act ( ordinance ) and securing independence of the SLMC.
8. Covid 19 failures. Wlhy)?

The executive committee of GMOF ,The Secretary to the ministry of health Dr.Sanjeewa Munasinghe,Director General of Health services, Dr. Panapitiya, Dr.Amal Harsha with many officials participated.

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